Customised products at the detail level

We can customise your company’s collection with small and large changes, or exactly as you would like.

We call this Special Production

While Båstadgruppen does have an extensive selection, you may not find exactly what you need – pieces in your company’s colours, special features or sustainable materials. In that case, we offer what we call Special Production. We simply create and produce specific products or a collection for you, directly from the factory.

If you need something extraordinary

Identity is very important for all companies. It is a communicator of the brand that creates cohesion among staff and recognition among customers. Many companies can go a long way with our regular selection, for example with a printed logo. Others need more. Perhaps your store chain requires uniforms, your service technicians need customised workwear, or maybe you need sustainably profiled equipment for a major event?

Exactly as you want it to be – even if you don’t know what you want

Starting from scratch when making new garments is not always simple. But we are here to help. Our designers can modify existing pieces from our catalogue, or develop something unique. They are experts in materials, quality, functions, trends and details.

You can start with one of our basic pieces and change the colour, zipper, buttons, pockets, collar etc. Or you can start from the beginning. We will come up with ideas and concepts and work with you to reach a finished product. On the way, we may find details, functions or sustainable materials that you didn’t even know you wanted.

Special Production in regular factories

We have worked closely with our suppliers for many years and know each other well, which is why you can trust that we can count on the production time with precision, keep costs down, and deliver on time – a lot can be complicated when shopping from the other side of the globe.

Dare to be unique

Special Production is effective in the right context. Time and volume are essential for success. This solution is not more expensive – on the contrary – but it calls for the right quantity in order to be affordable. However, if everything comes together, we can promise a unique collection that is worth the effort and, above all, the investment.