Only the best is good enough

Top Swede is a Swedish brand that develops and produces workwear, promotional clothing and safety shoes. Together with product testers from various professional groups, we put users first, and no work conditions have proven to be too tough. Independent tests have shown year after year that our materials are among the most durable on the market.

Developed for users

When Top Swede launched in 1998, the goal was to make garments with the precise functionality and comfort that users wanted, adapted to the tasks they carry out. We have now achieved these goals, and have an excellent selection that covers most areas.

In our collections, we focus on the important things. When we develop new garments, the aim is to refine and improve quality and usability. Through stringent demands on our subcontractors and close collaboration with test institutes, we can guarantee that our garments always meet our rigorous requirements. Naturally, our selection also complies with standards and safety classifications, and has the proper certifications. This includes requirements set out in laws and ordinances, but also other factors that we believe should be a matter of course.

Fit and comfort

We know that you wear your work clothes eight hours a day, often longer. That means it has to fit well, breathe, and protect you no matter the weather. All materials in the garment have a precise function; each stitch is carefully considered; each detail is properly placed.

Quality and functionality

Resistance to wear and tear, thoroughly ensured colourfastness and shrinkage: every function is given careful thought and developed to work properly.

Modern design

We believe that being properly dressed also means being stylishly dressed. We want you to feel good. Not just on the outside, but in any situation.

Ambition permeates our brand

From product development to manufacturing, on to distribution and support, we place the highest demands on quality based on the user’s perspective. To give you the proper quality, fit, comfort, and especially design, not only do we conduct checks, measures, and follow-ups throughout the chain – we also minimise our environmental impact and protect the rights and safety of the people who make our clothing. The UN Global Compact and the EU REACH Regulation for chemicals are two examples that guide us.

Our workwear lives up to our promise. Try it and see.

Hundreds of thousands of Top Swede garments are sold each year and exposed to tough conditions by satisfied users. Like them, do you want workwear that lasts, and functions properly when it truly matters? Treat yourself to Top Swede – only the best is good enough.