Innovation and quality guide the design, development and production of ATG® gloves. To make sure whichever product you choose will fit like a glove, we offer just four product families: MaxiFlex®, MaxiCut®, MaxiDry® and MaxiChem®. All of our gloves are durable, comfortable and, last but not least, skin friendly – because their job is to protect your most valuable work tool: your hands.

Comfort, sustainability and hand care

ATG® does not develop each glove as a standalone product: instead, we invest in technology platforms, to meet a broad range of needs. These platforms prioritise three key concepts: comfort, sustainability and hand care, which work together to guarantee a consistent glove experience.

The result is a secure fit

Our goal is to combine our different technology platforms to create the ultimate glove, one that is both comfortable, skin friendly and protects your hands. In hazardous environments, our gloves protect you against cuts, extreme temperatures and toxic chemicals. All our gloves are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and prewashed prior to packaging, to guarantee they will be "fresh out of the box" as certified by OEKO-TEX®. All ingredients used in the production of our gloves meet the REACH criteria and none of our products contain any SVHC.

HandCare® Programme

Our HandCare® Programme serves as an umbrella for all the different technologies behind ATG® products. It assures wearers that the entire ATG® range is dermatologically safe and produced in an environmentally sound, well thought-through and sustainable way.

ISO 14001: Environmental management

A dedicated team continually measures and monitors the short- and long-term ecological impact of our production processes. Our water treatment facilities are a good example: they harvest rain water and process it for use in our post-washing processes. Our entire manufacturing process and all facilities are ISO 14001 certified.

ATG® gloves are unique thanks to technological innovation

At ATG®, we understand how hard it is to develop a safety programme that actually works and implement it in practice. On the one hand, your workforce wants increasingly comfortable gloves; you, on the other hand, have to focus on preventing injuries, reducing costs and improving productivity. By drawing on different areas of expertise, continuously developing new and unique technologies, and gathering input from customers, wearers, experts and researchers, ATG® never ceases to reinvent the glove.

AD-APT® – Keeping warm hands cool

The AD-APT® technology is activated by hand movement and rising temperatures within a glove, which then releases a natural cooling agent that keeps the hand dry and cools it down without affecting the body's innate ability to regulate its own temperature.

AIRtech® – 360° breathability

AIRtech® has set a new standard for breathability. The technology was designed and developed to enhance comfort by preventing the build-up of heat inside a glove. Our customers have told us there is no other glove quite like ATG® on the market today!

CUTtech® – Protection against cuts

CUTtech® combines supreme comfort with high-performance yarns and fibres that protect the hand against cuts on multiple levels, which makes for a secure fit. We recently also added a permanent nitrile reinforcement between the thumb and index finger, to make this area, which tends to be subject to a great deal of friction, more hard-wearing.

DURAtech® – Gloves that last are a wise investment

The DURAtech® technology makes gloves last longer and keeps them fresh and clean. ATG® gloves have all been designed to be launderable, allowing you to truly capitalise on their excellent durability.

ERGOtech® – Reducing hand fatigue

ERGOtech® makes gloves function like a second skin, so they have the perfect form, fit and feel. One example of this technology is the material blends we use and the way they conform to the hand. You will notice the glove moulding to your fingers, which results in exceptional dexterity, flexibility and tactile sensitivity. Another example is the composition of our liners and coatings, which ensures only the soft fibres on the inside of the glove will come into contact with your skin.

LIQUItech® – Protection against oils, liquids and chemicals

LIQUItech® serves as a protective barrier against oils, chemicals and liquids, including water. This industry-leading technology, pioneered by ATG®, applies a lightweight, flexible coating (of varying thickness) onto fine-gauge, seamless knit liners. This results in a combination of liquid repellence, high-level chemical resistance and a level of comfort rarely seen in protective gloves.

TRItech™ – Maximum comfort, performance and protection

TRItech™ consists of three layers, all of which serve a unique and important purpose. Together, they create a strong yet flexible composite that is pleasant to wear. The result is a level of comfort hitherto unseen in chemical-resistant work gloves.

GRIPtech® – Improved grip

ATG® knows grip is a key safety criterion. Our GRIPtech® "micro-cup" finish enhances our gloves' grip properties, helping wearers handle objects more securely and reducing hand fatigue.

GRIPtech® offers support in both dry and/or greasy environments. We frequently combine the technology with CUTtech®, to strike the optimal balance between cut resistance and grip.

THERMtech® – Thermal insulation

THERMtech® cleverly combines coatings and yarns to create seamless, insulating elastics that protect the hand against both heat and cold. Our state-of-the-art production methods weave together these temperature-resistant yarns and fibres without sacrificing flexibility, dexterity or comfort.

Find the perfect high-tech glove for you

MaxiFlex®, designed and developed as a breathable glove, has become the benchmark for precision handling in dry environments by combining unrivalled comfort with the highest level of durability on the market.

MaxiCut® was made for challenging environments where cut protection is a must. They are DMF-free and contain zero SVHCs (in line with the REACH criteria).

MaxiDry®combines comfort and grip with protection against oils, for a perfectly regulated performance even under difficult conditions.

MaxiChem® is our range of next-gen chemical-resistant gloves that offer excellent comfort, skin protection and optimal grip.

ATG® – smart-tech gloves

Thanks to our unique technologies, MaxiFlex®, MaxiCut®, MaxiDry® and MaxiChem® are durable, protective, comfortable and, last but not least, skin friendly – because their job is to protect the most valuable tool you have: your hands.