The basic concept behind Guardio is protective equipment for the construction and industrial sectors that makes a difference and has been developed through science and innovation. In principle, this means two things: we want to ensure that the products contribute to safer work and that users have the ability to comfortably perform at their absolute best, even during long shifts – protecting your most important tool, your head, should be not just a matter of course but also comfortable.


There are problems in the construction and industrial sectors – frequent knocks to the head and harmful noise. Guardio wants to solve these problems through leading research, science and innovation – and based on these principles, elevate safety to a new level with hearing protection, safety glasses and safety helmets, all designed for comfort and incorporating components from market leaders.

Traditionally, industrial safety helmets are solely created to handle direct impacts. However, research shows that in the construction and industrial sectors, many impacts are actually angled: A tool striking from the side, or a person falling in an unconventional way. In addition, people in the construction and industrial sectors are at greater risk of brain damage than in other industries, according to figures from German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). In light of this, we have created the Guardio brand and the Armet range, an innovative safety helmet equipped with the MIPS safety system.

The world’s first safety helmet with the MIPS safety system

Improving safety and comfort at the same time is a huge challenge – but the Armet range, which is the world’s first safety helmet equipped with the MIPS safety systems, is, according to many, the most comfortable safety helmet on the market. The MIPS safety system is designed to help reduce the rotational motion of the head that occurs during certain impacts, thus reducing brain damage. MIPS was developed with the help of Swedish researchers at Karolinska Institutet and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Equipped with TwICEme – easy access to vital information in times of crisis

Innovation and science are what guide us. The goal was therefore to invest in technology and solutions and to combine them seamlessly in a way that results in the next generation of safety helmets. That’s how we finally came up with TwICEme, a digital tool integrated into the safety helmet. TwICEme enables you to easily access vital information in emergencies: next-of-kin, allergies, medications and more are all available by scanning the helmet with a smartphone.

Durable material with a long service life

Our engineers at Guardio have more than 20 years of experience in personal protective equipment. To ensure that we use the best materials, we have an active partnership with leading suppliers. It is important to us that we use materials with properties that not only offer excellent protection – but that are also durable and retain their quality for an extended period of time.

Focus on comfort and ease of use

Our products are designed to ensure ultimate comfort and ease of use, while taking safety to a new level. It should be easy to protect the head, so science and innovation permeate our entire range: our hearing protection is the only range of products on the market that offers the flexibility to switch easily between headband and helmet mount; our headlamp is the first to solve the challenge of wearing a helmet and visor at the same time; and our glasses are designed to fit comfortably alongside a helmet while being thin enough to minimize the risk of leakage and noise.

Hearing protection designed for professionals

Our hearing protection, which we call the Freebird range, was created through collaboration with several of the world’s leading component manufacturers. All our hearing protection is equipped with 2-in-1: flexible mounts that can be used with a headband or on a helmet.

Freebird BT

Guardio Freebird BT is for professionals seeking the ultimate in hearing protection. With a market-leading battery life of 120 hours and an SNR value of 32 dB, you can use them for long shifts without worrying about running out of battery power. Bluetooth technology enables hands-free calling and music streaming via Qualcomm with patented apt-X technology that improves sound quality.

Freebird COM

Guardio Freebird COM is the hearing protection for professionals who want crystal clear communication with their team, even in noisy environments. With noise-reducing boom microphone and speech-enhancement technology, you can be sure that your team will hear what you’re saying.

Freebird PRO

Guardio Freebird PRO is the ultimate solution for professionals seeking freedom and flexibility during the working day. With the built-in communication radio and Bluetooth multipoint technology, you can easily communicate with your colleagues and simultaneously stream music with high sound quality thanks to Qualcomm’s patented apt-X technology. With superior attack-time technology in your hearing protection, you have a truly adaptive and fast hearing experience.

Safety glasses for every type of job


Tinted safety glasses, perfect for a sunny summer day.


Clear safety glasses that are very comfortable and optically correct for long working days where good eye protection is required.

ARGOS Polarized

Polarized lenses that reduce glare on really sunny days without sacrificing clarity. This significantly reduces eye strain and fatigue caused by excessive glare from surfaces that often reflect bright sunlight, such as water, ice, glass, or vehicles.

ARGOS Photochromatic

Our most advanced lens with smart technology that automatically changes colour based on prevailing UV light/sun conditions. Comfortable nose tips that mould to the wearer and lenses treated to withstand harsh environments.

Guardio – protective equipment that makes a difference

Guardio are experts in innovation and science, which has resulted in protective equipment designed to make a difference – so that everyone can return home without serious work injuries.