We always require comfort when it comes to our work shoes. They must be comfortable to wear for eight hours a day. But to achieve that goal, we continuously think in new ways. We start with the best and build from there.


If you’re discerning when it comes to your shoes

The idea for Monitor work shoes was born while hiking the Monitor Range in Nevada, when the thought emerged to create a new generation of work shoes based on the technology and functionality of advanced hiking boots. In a fairly short time, Monitor has become one of the leading producers of shoes for people who genuinely care about what they wear on their feet – and who dare to forge their own path.

The comfiest work shoes can always be a little comfier

Continuously improving our shoes based on users’ demands for comfort is at the core of our business. We do this in four areas:


We rely on our extensive experience when developing the next model. Expertise about the anatomy of the foot and sophisticated production technology form the basis of our efforts to make the most comfortable shoes possible.


Many of our work shoes could more accurately be called safety shoes. Protecting our wearers is crucial to our product development. Innovative solutions for the right application – for example, we were the first to use carbon-fibre toe caps – is our path to the next generation of work shoes.


Carefully chosen materials, quality craftsmanship and an innovative approach have led to advanced work shoes with properties such as low weight, good breathability, and advanced shock absorption. All for optimum function and comfort, eight hours a day and more.


Design is another area in which we think differently and stand out. Style is just as important for wearers to feel comfortable. We spend as much time on the visual identity of the shoes as on their function. Wearers should be able to choose something they like in every respect.

Around 70 models in six collections

Monitor has shoes for numerous areas of application and in several safety classes, from sturdy Heavy Duty to convenient 365. All of the collections contain numerous styles, which means everyone can find something just right.

Monitor’s collections

Heavy Duty – Durable shoes and boots for tough environments.

Momentum – Very comfortable shoes and boots in a modern design intended for industry, warehouses and construction.

Sportwork – ISO-certified shoes for work and leisure.

Flex – SRC-certified, ergonomically designed shoes.

365 – Lightweight and comfortable shoes for work, sports or leisure.

Choose the best comfort and smart functionality

If you are looking for a shoe with perfect all-day comfort that protects your feet and functions as a work shoe, but looks like a sports shoe – then you think like us. Try Monitor.