Up to every challenge

We make a safer, easier workday for our customers and users.

A constant effort for progress

Båstadgruppen’s fundamental characteristics, such as quality, date all the way back to 1907 and our roots in the Båstad clog. For nearly 120 years, as more operations have been added, we have developed a high level of service focused on constant availability. But our most important characteristic has always remained: we strive to improve ourselves in order to impact the industry. We can declare that we were early – maybe even first – to adopt many things: work shoes with a sporty design, women’s styles, many innovative details in our workwear, integrated sustainability initiatives and not least of all, digital tools. The entire industry now works towards many of these changes.

More recently, the surrounding world has also motivated change for us. Our partners, the resellers, are becoming bigger and bigger, with greater needs for an increasingly rapid pace of work. Our product users demand better comfort and fashionable design for individually adapted garments and shoes. In addition, we have continued our important work to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility, as demands have increased.

To become a more complete key supplier, we broadened our business and acquired Sandryds (South West/Smila), leaders in brand profiling and lightweight workwear, followed by Top Swede, with competitive prices and the highest-quality workwear for tough jobs. Following closely came Matterhorn, with stylish outerwear for both work and leisure. The last in a string of strong acquisitions is Guardio Safety, offering products within the category of head protection. We also represent ATG, a leader in gloves, in the Baltics and the Nordic region, as well as a number of other well-known partner brands.

Your challenges are our challenges

Everything we do is about making daily life as simple as possible for our customers. It may be easier said than done, but we tackle every challenge:

  • Users’ combined need for protection, comfort and modern style.
  • Support and knowledge about what product suits which profession best.
  • An innovative digital platform for ordering, product information and simplified business.
  • A new robotised warehouse, common to all brands.
  • Sustainability in terms of product lifespan as well as the environment and social responsibility.
The right product at the right price with the right quality

Our broad, deep selection is one of the foundations that allows us to handle even the most complicated deliveries. When the need for clothing, shoes and gloves spans several professional categories and work situations, we can combine several of our own brands, as well as carefully chosen partner brands.

South West – sustainable clothes for work and leisure

South West offers modern corporate clothing and lighter workwear. The focus is on sustainable and comfortable basic pieces, with carefully considered details that people are happy to wear – both at work and off the clock.

Monitor – a new approach to safe comfort

Monitor offers innovative hybrid shoes. They have the quality of a protective shoe, but feel like an athletic or outdoor shoe.

Matterhorn – a garment for every element

Inspired by the mountain with its unique silhouette, Matterhorn designs outerwear – jackets and trousers – that are suitable for both work and an active life. Classic and timeless design in modern materials.

Top Swede – only the best is good enough

Top Swede offers workwear, promotional clothing, and safety shoes with the user in mind, and no working conditions have proven to be too tough.

Guardio – science-based security

Personal protective equipment specially developed for the construction and industrial sectors. Through science and innovation, products that make a difference are delivered.

Feel free to challenge us – we certainly do.

In the new Båstadgruppen, the puzzle pieces have fallen into place. We are ready with products, knowledge, services and support. No order is too difficult now. No delivery too complicated. No challenge too great. You are welcome to contact us.

Over a century has passed since the beginning, but we are now writing history

In 2019, Storskogen purchased Båstadgruppen and then acquired Sandryds, Top Swede, Matterhorn and Guardio Safety. Our new history starts now.

It all began with the Båstad clog in 1907

In 1907, August Johansson began making clogs at his farm in Bjäre. That was the beginning of the Toffelfabriken clog factory in Troentorp and the “Båstad clog”, which ultimately became Båstadgruppen. A great deal happened along the way, but with the joining of Sandryds, Top Swede, Matterhorn and Guardio Safety, the new and most exciting version of the company is now being created.

We are now a complete supplier of workwear, shoes, helmets and gloves, both when it comes to first-rate products and skilled staff. Each company has a distinct culture with a mission and vision from which Båstadgruppen can benefit.

Four histories have become one

You might say that the modern Båstadgruppen (formerly Båstads Industrier) began in 1985, when sales of protective shoes began. The first jackets from Matterhorn came in 1986. Sandryds began its journey in 1991 with the goal of helping companies create a stronger brand identity. And in 1998, Top Swede felt a new player was needed in workwear for tough jobs.

1907: Nailed wooden clogs

The nailed wooden clog business (the “Båstad clog”) indirectly launched something we will not soon see the end of.

1985: Protective shoes

After 78 years, sales of protective shoes began. What started on a small scale has now grown into a selection of over 100 styles – and that is only counting our own Monitor shoes.

2003: Birkenstock

Birkenstock Scandinavia AB was acquired. Much of the knowledge and relationships we have today came in conjunction with this acquisition.

2006: Monitor

The Monitor brand was formed.

2015: Båstad Norge AS and Båstad Danmark Aps

Today, Båstadgruppen also has business in the Baltics, Germany and the Netherlands. We are growing quickly on our home court, but thinking long-term with continental Europe.

2019: Storskogen Industrier AB

Storskogen is a long-term owner that runs a diversified group of profitable companies with a strong market position. That gives Båstadgruppen a solid foundation for the future.

2019: South West

Sandryds, with the brands South West and Smila Workwear, is acquired. Their pioneering work in digital tools and sustainability has elevated the entire company to a new level.

2020: ATG gloves

Båstadgruppen enters an exclusive distribution agreement for ATG’s products in the Nordic region. Their Maxi selection is the first choice for most people who need work gloves.

2021: Top Swede

When Båstadgruppen acquired Top Swede, the selection gained functional workwear for tough jobs and employees with a clear get-to-work attitude.

2022: Matterhorn

Båstadgruppen acquired Matterhorn. Beyond being a well-established brand with top-rate outerwear, skills were strengthened with specialist knowledge about jackets and trousers.

2023: Guardio Safety

In May 2023, Båstadgruppen acquired Guardio Safety AB, a company that owns and distributes helmets and ear protectors for professional use.

202X: Key supplier

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of clothing, shoes, head protection and gloves for work in Sweden and northern Europe.