The South West philosophy is to have a carefully considered assortment. It should be easy to combine various garments and colours to make a unique collection. It should work for any occasion, both at work and off the clock. Smart features should add design and versatility. And most importantly of all: it should be sustainable for people and the environment.

A carefully considered assortment for any occasion

Assembling and producing one of the broadest coordinated ranges of corporate clothing while following the South West philosophy is a massive undertaking. It starts with which products to develop in order to match and last over time. With over 120 styles and loads of colours, this is a puzzle we are continuously solving. Design, fit, details and materials also have to be considered. All are inspired by trends, but with the goal of long-term sustainability.

We have long-term collaborations with the factories that make South West’s garments. This means we can ensure quality and delivery reliability, but above all, that we work closely with them, on site, in order to develop both sustainable production and improved quality of life locally. Read more about our extensive sustainability efforts here.

Meanwhile, everything we do revolves around the people who wear the clothes. They should feel equally comfortable at work as at the grocery store on the way home. They should feel well-dressed in any situation. It is important to work continuously with insights into wearers’ needs and behaviours, and to know what they actually want to wear.

We have worked hard with all of these factors since South West launched in 1991, and will continue to do so moving forward.

Clothes for companies and people

While South West may put wearers first, we take your corporate identity very seriously. The aim of a coordinated range is also to make it easy to assemble a collection that feels unique. Your brand should appear exactly as you want it to, and get the recognition that the right clothing can create. That is why South West exists. And when employees can and do wear the clothes outside of work, the brand gets even more exposure.

Our broad selection

South West offers clothing in various product groups: T-shirts, polo shirts, collage, knitwear, sportswear, fleece, jackets, trousers, underwear, accessories, and junior for kids of various ages A distinguishing factor is that each group contains many styles. There is something for everyone: trousers that stay comfortable all day; a jacket that will always keep you dry; a polo shirt that looks equally nice at the office and on the golf course.

The mix concept

We have developed some of our selection to make it especially easy to combine and create a tailored feel. Jackets, vests and fleece jumpers in multiple colours constitute the base, which can be complemented with functional shell trousers. Everything is available in both men’s and women’s fits. The lightweight jacket, vest and fleece jumper are also easy to secure inside the shell jacket or parka as a lining for added warmth. You can mix and match as you like.

Timeless, high-quality design

When a South West garment has a long lifespan, it provides three clear advantages: Wearers are satisfied, because the clothes retain their shape and colour longer. The company makes a smarter investment in quality. This is the foundation for the “use and reuse” philosophy that is going to be environmentally essential. In addition, design that doesn’t go out of style means you can add to the company’s collection without diverging from past styles.

Passion for sustainability

For a long time – even before it was at the top of political agendas – South West has been pursuing matters related to what is healthy and true when it comes to materials and manufacturing. Many of South West’s garments are made fully or partly in sustainable materials. It is in our DNA and we know that a sustainable business is a profitable business. The many different certifications from and contracts with various organisations are proof of the extensive effort we put into sustainability.

Sustainable Choice collection

Our Sustainable Choice collection is growing and we are adding new garments all the time. They are made in sustainable materials and with the lowest possible environmental impact – from fibre production to finished product. Examples of sustainable materials that we use include organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon and Lifewear Bamboo.

Happy at work and at home

South West clothing is clothing you like. Because it is stylish, practical and carefully considered. It does not matter if you work indoors or outside, if you tend to sit or have an active lifestyle. At work or in your free time. South West clothing is clothing you are happy in – EVERYWEAR.