The basic idea behind Matterhorn has always been to combine work with an active lifestyle. In principle, this means two things: the collection should be able to withstand any weather, while looking stylish and presentable for a job done successfully.

Inspiration from 4,478 metres above sea level

Naturally, our jackets are inspired by the mountain after which we named them. It is located in the Alps between Switzerland and Italy, near the ski town of Zermatt, and is famous for its unique silhouette. If a jacket can work in this environment, we believe it will work anywhere.

Always keeping outdoor activities in mind serves as the foundation for our product development, allowing us to push limits and continuously improve with new materials, features and styles. You get a garment inspired by the outdoors that is perfect for a walk, the boat, or the mountains – but above all, at work.

A Matterhorn jacket is always the right choice

Wherever you’re headed and whatever you plan to do, you will look stylish and be protected from the elements. In the sun, rain, wind, or snow, at work or on the weekend – it doesn’t matter. With Matterhorn in your outdoor wardrobe, you are always ready.

Matterhorn offers
  • Shell jackets
  • Softshells
  • 3-in-1 jackets
  • Lightly padded jackets
  • Winter jackets
  • Vests
  • Rain gear
  • Trousers
  • Interlayer/Fleece
Modern materials

Of course, not all of our jackets can do everything. The different styles are intended for different activities and environments. Each garment is weatherproof in its own way. Windproof, waterproof and warm, ventilated, or everything in one style. At the same time, we safeguard mobility and comfort. But most important of all is that they are sustainable. That’s why we always endeavour to ensure the best durability and a long lifespan. This is also our most important environmental contribution.

Good functionality

A good garment should not just protect the wearer; it should be comfortable, light, supple, and above all, easy to store or pack for travel. With flexible or stretchy materials, we make sure that you’re comfortable and can move unencumbered. Taped seams, advanced surface treatments – PVC-free, of course – unique zipper pullers, smartly designed and situated pockets, and more give you the right functionality and characteristics.

Timeless design

In a world where trends come and go, we want to think differently by being timeless, with classically designed styles in elegant colours that last longer. When we specialise in jackets, we can also focus on producing them in the best possible way, at an advantageous price.

Your company’s brand identity

A jacket is a popular and effective way to strengthen solidarity and motivation

among employees while displaying the company’s logo or message. Wearing the same carefully considered attire shows a clear connection among the people who work together.


Our most important environmental contribution is that our clothing is used and lasts a long time, but our focus on quality and sustainability does not end there. We take significant responsibility for the working and living conditions in and around the factories where our garments are made. We also work continuously to improve the energy efficiency of our production processes and seek out new possibilities with eco-friendlier materials.

Recycled – our recycled weatherproof collection

By using recycled polyester and nylon, we give plastic new life instead of letting it end up in the oceans or a rubbish tip. This makes the planet less dependent on petroleum, requires less water and electricity in the production process, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, the materials fully retain their excellent durability and sustainability.

Recycled polyester

Our recycled polyester is made of PET bottles and scrap materials. It is an important fibre in our production process, and enables us to create lightweight, quick-drying materials that can be used in a variety of different garments.

Recycled nylon

Our recycled nylon is made of post-industrial waste, or from discarded nylon-based products. When we need a lightweight fabric, it is important to use nylon thread for its durability. Our goal is to stop using conventional nylon entirely. We therefore need recycled nylon to continue to make some of our favourite technical jackets and garments, and to meet our demands for performance.

For work and an active lifestyle

Matterhorn is a safe choice for many reasons, including our environmental initiatives, garment quality, carefully considered functionality and timeless design. No matter what garment you choose, you can be sure that it will work equally well both on and off the clock.

Matterhorn – a garment for every element

Matterhorn specialises in jackets of the highest quality, carefully considered functionality, and timeless design that works equally well at work and for an active lifestyle.