VisorFlex Headlamp



VisorFlex Headlamp

Black (001)


Art nr: 1001656

Previous art. nr: LMP101

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The unique Guardio VisorFlex lamp is designed to be used in conjunction with the helmet visor without compromising usability and functionality. The headlamp and its helmet holder are attached through the visor's screw holes, allowing the user to adjust the headlamp and visor simultaneously to ensure optimal illumination and perfect light distribution, whether the visor is raised or not on the helmet. It is lightweight with five light modes, providing up to 2360 lumens. A rechargeable battery is included. It has a wide and long range of up to 150m. A charging cable and headband mount are included. The battery life lasts up to 38 hours, and it is water and dust resistant according to IP66.