Electrical insulated

EN166 / EN 170 / GS-ET29
Electrical insulated

Theia Full Face Visor Helmet Accessories

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Art nr: 1001702

Previous art. nr: VIS103

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The Theia Full Face Visor is designed to provide comprehensive protection for both eyes and face while maintaining peripheral vision. It effectively protects against electric arcs, making it suitable for environments with potential arc flash hazards. The visor features a drop guard on the upper edge to prevent liquids from running down between the helmet and visor, ensuring a dry and comfortable experience. Additionally, the integrated splash guard offers effective protection against liquids and debris, safeguarding the lower part of the face. The visor is shaped to accommodate most optical glasses, allowing users to wear their prescription glasses comfortably under the visor. It also has excellent scratch resistance and anti-fog protection, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view in various conditions.