General terms and conditions


A binding purchase agreement is entered as soon as the buyer’s order has been approved by Båstadgruppen and a written order confirmation has been sent from Båstadgruppen to the email address provided by the buyer. The parties have then entered into a binding purchase agreement, regulated by these General Terms & Conditions. Båstadgruppen urges the buyer to read these terms and conditions in their entirety before the buyer places an order. These terms and conditions may be updated and may vary; we therefore ask you to read the terms and conditions before every order. It is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of the current sales terms and conditions.

Orders should specify which products the buyer would like to purchase, how many, and the article numbers. Orders can be placed via, by e-mailing or by calling +46 431 732 00.

The parties agree that Båstadgruppen cannot guarantee that the colours in the online store are detailed reproductions of the actual product colours. Colours may be reproduced differently depending on the computer or telephone screen, graphics card, and computer settings, for example. We always endeavour to provide the most true-to-life product photographs as possible, in order to guide our buyers.

Båstadgruppen reserves the right to carry out a creditworthiness assessment to determine whether or not to approve an order and to decline, for whatever reason, to conduct any business with an ordering party.



Products are delivered to the address provided by the buyer. Delivery is in accordance with DAP Incoterms 2022 delivery terms and conditions. If the recipient cannot be reached by the logistics carrier in conjunction with the delivery, and this results in the items being returned to our warehouse, the buyer is responsible for the cost of the return. We always endeavour to deliver your order as soon as possible. Orders are normally processed within one (1) business day from the date the buyer received the order confirmation. Delivery is expected to be within 1–4 business days in Sweden and 2–10 business days for international orders. Delivery time is only an estimate and may take longer than usual. Our carriers do not deliver on weekends or public holidays. The buyer is responsible for providing Båstadgruppen with correct and complete address information and we cannot guarantee that address information can be modified after the buyer has completed their order. The buyer has sole responsibility for any delivery errors due to erroneous information or mistakes in the delivery address for their order. If the order is returned due to erroneous delivery information, Båstadgruppen has the right to charge the cost of return shipping to the buyer. Under no circumstances will the supplier compensate direct or indirect costs, losses or damage suffered by the buyer due to a delayed delivery, for varying reasons.



The buyer shall pay the price indicated in the order confirmation (these prices always exclude VAT).
Båstadgruppen retains the right, two times per calendar year, 1 February (1/2) and 1 September (1/9), to adjust the pricing terms and conditions for the buyer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of the current price list. Unless otherwise agreed, an invoice shall be sent out, with payment due 30 days from the date of invoice. Statutory interest will be claimed in the case of late payment.



Returns and complaints will only be handled when submitted with the correct form; Båstadgruppen will not accept any packages sent back without this form. Packages unaccompanied by the correct carrier-approved form will be returned to the sender, with all shipping charges borne by the sender. The Returns & Complaints form can be obtained by contacting Båstadgruppen via “Frequently Asked Questions” at or by emailing

Upon agreement regarding a return or complaint, the buyer is given an SRO number for the return or complaint. Returns without an SRO number will be returned to the buyer with a service charge of SEK 150 as well as an additional shipping cost.

Articles included in addition to those listed on the form will be returned to the buyer, and the buyer will be charged a handling fee of SEK 150 as well as an additional shipping cost. Buyers will also be charged a handling fee and return shipping for any uncancelled backorders.



When filing a complaint, the buyer needs to cite the product’s article number, colour code and size, as well as the reason behind the complaint. The buyer must attach images of the product for the applicable claim application. In the case of a complaint, Båstadgruppen always replaces the product. Garments with minor sewing errors may be repaired rather than replaced. Products should be freshly laundered/cleaned when sent back in a complaints case.

If your complaint is regarding a branded product made outside of Båstadgruppen, Båstadgruppen is not responsible for this product.



A buyer wishing to cancel their purchase should notify Båstadgruppen of the return no more than 30 days from the date of delivery. Returns from more than 30 days ago will not be processed as the right to make a return has passed. The Returns & Complaints form can be obtained by contacting Båstadgruppen via “Frequently Asked Questions” at .

The buyer is responsible for thoroughly inspecting the items immediately upon delivery, and Båstadgruppen should be notified of any issues in writing via within 5 business days of the buyer receiving the order.


For all returns, except for complaints, the following applies:

  • The product must be in new condition, in the original packaging, and the product must be in the supplier’s current and stocked assortment.
  • The product packaging should be undamaged and in its original condition, with all labels or other details intact.
  • The buyer pays for all return shipping (does not apply to complaints).
  • Products delivered to the buyer more than thirty (30) days ago may not be returned.
  • Only items listed on the Returns form may be accepted as an approved return.
  • Branded garments may not be returned.
  • For the following markets: In Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, there is a mandatory administrative return fee of: SEK 250/EUR 25 per return order.


Limitation of liability

The supplier is not responsible for loss or damage suffered by the buyer beyond what is specified in this paragraph and can amount to the order value at the most. The supplier is not responsible for loss or damage arising from a force majeure event.



These General Terms and Conditions are regulated and interpreted in accordance with Swedish law.

A contract entered between Båstadgruppen and the buyer as well as any disputes that may arise shall be regulated by Swedish law. An amicable solution shall be considered before a possible legal remedy. If the solution fails, the case will be referred to the Swedish court. This provision may not deprive European or other international buyers of their national statutory rights.