Dress with style, pride and care, with Smila attire. They say that if you want to take care of others, you also have to make sure to look after yourself. Which is why we love creating workwear for the healthcare and welfare sector that is stylish, comfortable and designed for those who spend their days helping others.

Stylish and practical at the same time

When people turn to the healthcare or welfare sector, they want to be looked after by professionals. They expect a reassuring environment that offers peace and quiet. What the staff wears plays an important role in creating that atmosphere. But it's just as important that your workwear helps you do a good job: it should be comfortable, both in terms of functionality and design.

Fashion is our drive

Smila has its roots in the fashion industry. With a reliable sense of style and extensive design expertise, we have a unique ability to meet the growing desire of health and welfare workers to dress well, even at work. Not only so you feel good, but also to project a more professional, smart identity for your employer.

Comfort during your entire shift

Everyone knows that the health and welfare sector is a challenging environment that places heavy demands on workwear. There are hygiene requirements, garments shouldn't restrict movement and patients need to be able to easily identify their carers. Which is why our fabrics and colours are meticulously selected, all details and seams designed with care. Thanks to their excellent fit, Smila garments don't just look great. They're also comfortable to wear and follow every movement of your body, during each hour of your shift. Just like your work requires gentleness, strength and know-how, our garments are comfortable, durable and smart.

Top quality to meet all demands

Your workwear has to meet a series of stringent requirements in terms of functionality and hygiene. Garments will be worn often, in demanding situations, and need to withstand regular washing at high temperatures. Thanks to careful stitching and fabric of the highest standard, Smila clothing retains its quality over a long period.

Sustainable on multiple levels

Smila garments are not just long-lasting. We also prioritise the environment in our development and production. Smila is OEKO-TEX-certified, for example, and respects the rules and regulations of REACH, amfori and the Swedish Chemicals Group, among other actors.