General terms and conditions


Orders can be placed on, by e-mailing or calling +46 431 732 00. They should specify which and how many products the buyer would like to purchase and mention the correct article numbers. An order becomes binding the moment Båstadgruppen approves it and sends the buyer a written order confirmation. The parties have then entered into a binding purchase agreement, regulated by these General Terms & Conditions.

Båstadgruppen reserves the right to carry out a creditworthiness assessment to determine whether or not to approve an order and to decline, for whatever reason, to conduct any business with an ordering party.



Products will be delivered to the address provided by the buyer. Products remain the property of Båstadgruppen until payment has been received in full. Delivery charges will be specified in the purchase agreement.

Prices and payment

The buyer shall pay the price indicated in the order confirmation (these prices always exclude VAT). Båstadgruppen adjusts its prices on the first of February (1/2) and first of September (1/9) of each year; stockists are responsible for updating their own prices accordingly. Unless otherwise agreed, an invoice shall be sent out, with payment due 30 days from the date of invoice. Statutory interest will be claimed in the case of late payment.



Returns and complaints will only be handled when submitted with the correct form; Båstadgruppen will not accept any packages sent back without this form. Packages unaccompanied by the correct form will be returned to the sender, with all shipping charges borne by the sender. The Returns & Complaints form can be obtained by e-mailing

Additional articles not mentioned on the form but included in the shipment will be sent back; the sender will then incur a handling fee and be charged for the return shipping. Buyers will also be charged a handling fee and return shipping for any uncancelled backorders.


When filing a complaint, the buyer needs to cite the product's article number, colour code and size, as well as the reason behind the complaint. Ideally, the complaint includes a picture of the product in question.

In case of a complaint, the product is always replaced, unless it is a garment with minor sewing errors, in which case the garment may be repaired rather than replaced. Products should be freshly laundered/cleaned when sent back in a complaints case.


A buyer wishing to cancel their purchase should alert Båstadgruppen of the return within 30 days from receiving the goods. The buyer then needs to cite their order number and the relevant article number(s), colour code(s), size(s) and quantity. Misdeliveries should be reported within 5 working days from the date of recieving the goods.

The buyer will not be reimbursed if the product is not in its original packaging or if labels or other details are missing. Customised or printed garments have no right of return. Only the articles mentioned on the Returns form may be sent back.